"We provide safe access across rivers and build suspension bridges for remote communities in rural and jungle areas that are cut off and isolated by rapidly rising streams and rivers during the rainy season." 

-Our Passion, our Vision 

Especially in tropical regions, even small creeks quickly turn into torrents during the rainy season. These is a great danger, especially for children, but also leads entire ethnic groups into isolation.

Simple pedestrian suspension bridges can make a significant contribution to combating poverty, caused by isolation. Bridges provide safe access to education, basic health care, food, steady income and social gatherings. 

We are not only trying to inform about this issue, we also actively implement specific solutions, together with the locals, based on our professional experience. 

Each bridge is built in collaboration with the local population. All work is done free of charge and the respective village that receives the bridge provides funds as far as it is in their power: such as the wood for the walkway...

Since we operate in very remote areas, the use from vehicles is limited. All individual bridge components are produced in such a way that they can be transported  as well  on foot and on horseback to their final destination.

One of the biggest challenges in remote areas is logistics.

We use every option open to us, and especially in jungle regions the canoe is often an important way to transport materials.

In the meantime, 2 bridges have been built in the Ecuadorian part of the Amazon region and another one in a remote part of Costa Rica. In our gallery you will find some impressions of the construction of our simple but functional pedestrian bridges.

Meet the team:

The Board of Managment

Jony Moor

Active as a rigging and height worker, mainly on ropeway and cablecar assembly and also on large suspension bridge projects. He looks back on several challenging assignments abroad in recent years and now specifically applies what he has learned in his bridge projects in remote jungle regions.  

Work experience

In this gallery you will find a small insight into my daily work as a cable rigging worker. I can look back on a few formative years, which were an important foundation for the creation of rraSolutions.

Daniel Burn

Works as a contractor in construction. Thanks to his specialization in suspension bridge anchorages, he has been able to contribute significantly to the successful construction of various comercial suspension bridge projects. Daniel was able to demonstrate his improvisation talents on bridges in the Alps, some of which were very remote.


In Europe, mobility and accessibility have been ensured for centuries by bridges and structures. The fact that even today, countless children around the world are unable to attend their schools during bad weather and floods motivates Jony and Daniel to invest their knowledge and skills in suspension bridges.


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